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Michigan Land Value and Leasing Rates Reports & Rental Rates

Buying Standing Hay Crops in 2014 (Lindquist, MSUE)

2014 Pasture Rental Rates, (Lindquist, MSUE)

2013 Michigan Land Value and Leasing Rates Report

2012 Michigan Land Value and Leasing Rates Report

2011 Michigan Land Value and Leasing Rates Report

2013 USDA Michigan Land Cash Rent Report by County

Michigan Pasture Rental Rates

Oil and Gas Leasing

Compulsory Pooling and the Un-leased Mineral Owner

What a Landowner Needs to Know about Oil and Gas Leasing

Oil and Gas Expert Resources for Private Landowners

Right of Way Information for Land Owners

Oil and Gas Lease Addendum

State of Michigan Oil and Gas Lease

Oil and Gas Income Tax Considerations for Farm and Forest Lands

For more information see the MSU Oil and Gas Development Website